Florencia En El Amazonas


Directed by Jose Maria Condemi
Composed by Daniel Catán
Scenic design by Phillip Lienau
Video and Projection Design by Aaron Rhyne


Florida Grand Opera, 2018
Opera Colorado, 2012

Utah Opera, 2013

"It’s rare to credit the good work of an opera’s production team before the singers, but it’s now or never: Sets by Phillip Lienau, projections by Aaron Rhyne, lighting by James D. Sale, all working under the no-dreams-barred direction of Jose Maria Condemi.”
- The Denver Post

"The whole evening is set on one small steam-powered riverboat as it carries a pack of troubled lovers down the Amazon River in the early 1900s. But the designers open it up, mostly with the help of giant moving images behind the singers. Waves ripple, butts pass, a bird flies off, giant daisies bloom. The backdrop has a streaming, digital feel that makes it part-screensaver, part James Cameron movie.”
- The Denver Post

"Philip Lienau’s set is imaginative and visually stunning, but Aaron Rhyne’s background screen projections, depicting the Amazon River and the city of Manaus, Brazil, are the most extraordinary elements. The storm sequence at the end of Act 1 is especially thrilling."
- Boulder Daily Camera